A Favourite Painting?

Why Not Have an original copy painted in oils?

Vermeer - Girl with Red Hat

Same size copy on gesso prepared wood panel

18cm x 23cm

Sir Frank Dicksee - Leila

Again a full size copy of the original, but with the face changed – for that of Val at her request!

Original to right

125cm x 100cm

Artist Unknown - school of Thomas Hudson

The Duchess of St. Albans

The original of this painting, in a bit of a poor state is still in situ in the country house where it was painted. However the house itself has been divided up into two dwellings and this copy, two-thirds the size of the original, was commissioned by the owner of the other part of the house.

It was painted using traditional glazing techniques. 

Original to right

72″ x 48″

duchess of st albans original painting

Vermeer - The Milkmaid

This is an exact size copy painted in oil on canvas

46cm x 41cm