All images on this web site are the copyright of Dan Green and Val Carcary-Green T/A Novus Studio. 

Should you wish to use any of the images please contact us.


I. A  50% non-refundable deposit is payable on agreement of the commission. The balance or completion fee will be payable on acceptance and receipt of the finished painting.

II. I will undertake to make minor adjustments to the finished work if requested, but will not repaint the picture if it is a true representation of the photographic source image if that is used. It is to be understood that on agreement of the commission the client is completely satisfied with the photographic image chosen upon which to base the painting and that it truly represents the subject. Please be aware that the painting will be on a much larger scale than the photograph.

III. If for any reason the balance due is not paid, then the painting will remain the property of the artist.

IV. Upon completion of your painting I will contact you to arrange the time and place for either collection or delivery of the work.

V. Depending on the location of the client there may be charges for travel expenses. This will be raised at the point of initial contact.

VI. Any shipping charges will be dealt with and discussed separately, again at the point of initial contact.

VII. Copyright in the completed work will remain with the artist, who will be able to use the image for promotional purposes or for sale as prints.