Another Lockdown Sunday

Hello from Danny and Val!

Just as you in the UK are readying yourselves to start to ease Lockdown, we in France are still semi-confined to quarters, allowed to go no more than 10km – a tad more than 6 miles – and still with a curfew in place from 7pm to 6am (so hardly worth getting in the car for!). 

Luckily we have plenty of nice walks around the rivers and canals where we are, to get some fresh air. As it looks increasingly unlikely that we will be able to resume classes for another couple of months, and to say “We are still here!”,  we thought that, over the next few weeks, we would share some of our lockdown with you (in an artistic way) in a photo journal of sorts!

A souvenir of times past – what was a fete, did we actually meet with other people?


Self explanatory!

A mooring for the barge

A barge on the Canal d’Aire

Blue and Yellow

Blue and Green

Fading Blossom

The blossom is fading but the leaves are burgeoning!

It was so cold this was the only sketch done – less than a couple of minutes as my fingers weren’t moving anymore. Standing up was also a bit problematic!

Picture of His 'n' Hers

His 'n' Hers

"I'm afraid Art is not one of the 'pivotal' Trades in the modern state, but rather condemned as some foreign substance like dirt, on the rim of the wheel liable at any moment to be dropped off. So be it, it is an idiotic world...Still we HOPE, STRIVE, CONTINUE..."


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Côté Jardin

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