Novus Great Art Challenge #2

With the warmer weather coming we thought that for our second challenge we would take you away – virtually on your screens – to the sun-lit shores of the Mediterranean. 

Click on the following link which will take you to a live webcam of Boccadasse, Genoa in Italy.

When the link opens in a new page , you can make it full screen by clicking on the 2 arrows in the bottom right corner. Also turn the sound up – you will hear he lapping of the waves! You can either use the view here and work from it in real time – just as if you were there – the scene will change over the course of the day, forcing you to make decisions about light direction etc. Alternatively, take a screenshot to work at it at your leisure, or look for other images of the caostal village online and use those. The idea is to tackle a closely knit group of buildings with contrasting shapes and of light and shade.

To assist you and to gain inspiration here is a gallery of similar types of images painted in different styles.

Again, use whatever comes to hand, do not feel your picture has to be done in a certain way. Use the opportunity to try something new – you never know you might love it!

But, the main thing is to look at these paintings and drawings and try to incorporate something of the style in your own work. The whole point of looking at these paintings is get ideas – no-one expects you to be able to work out a plan of attack without a starting point. Adapt by all means, but do look! Remember you can look back at the previous post giving ideas of hoew to go about the challenge 

Very few of you looked closely at the paintings in the gallery of images you were shown in the first challenge. Let’s surprise ourselves this time!

Remember we now have a dedicated Instagram page where you can follow along – follow us and spread the word – anyone can join in!


and of course our Facebook page where entries will be posted

With Thanks to Skylinewebcams

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